Certified to perform accessibility inspections

Our staff is certified to perform accessibility code assessments and inspections of all kinds. Accessibility issues affect us whether we ourselves are disabled or not. They touch each individual’s life, from personal needs, to the needs of a family member or friends.

Come to A & D for your accessibility


Does your business or home need modifications to accommodate a person(s) with a disability? Our consultants can advise you on specific accessible modifications, whether a new or existing build, home or business. Some of our notable clients have been the City of Houston’s Office for People With Disabilities, Harris County Texas, the city of Houston, and New Orleans.

We are International Code Council Certified Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner certified.

Personalized service, every time

We always offer personalized service that is designed to meet your specific needs. That is our goal every time we take on a new project, and we never shy away from it.

We have worked for the City of Houston Office for People With Disabilities and worked on several projects with Harris County Texas and the city of Houston.